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P&G Speedway is a tremendous traffic builder and an extraordinary crowd pleaser. We have found a unique and highly effective way to help your company associate with the masses.

Imagine the impact that our racetrack would have if it were to be customized to your company or particular event. Visualize our race cars prominently brandishing your company logo racing around our racetrack for all to see. Banners displayed trackside with your company name. Your advertising message displayed on our scoreboard or aired through our sound system between races. Sample products or brochures distributed to our captive audience.

The fact that this is an interactive event gives our participants a chance to get involved not only emotionally but physically also. Ours is not just any demographically appealing audience. This is an audience that RESPONDS!

Some of the promotional options available are:

Micro Reality Track
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Custom car bodies Scoreboard sign Track skirting Console sign
Trade Show Track
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Custom car bodies Scoreboard sign Track skirting Scoring bridge sign


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